Past and current projects

Garmin Link to heading

Battery Guesstimate Link to heading

  1. Shows the battery charge over time (including Solar charge if available)
  2. Estimates how long the battery would last (better than the build-in estimation)
  3. Notifies the phone when a set threshold is reached during charging (to extend the battery lifetime)
  4. Export battery data to cloud-storage

Nap till rested (a power nap app) Link to heading

This app allows you:

  • to have (power)naps or rests without falling into deep sleep
  • to be notified during a relaxing activity when you have calmed down or you body battery has recharged, so that you are ready to be productive again
  • measure the effectiveness of your massage (install the app on the watch of your spouse and promise that you will massage her/him till their body-battery is recharged to a certain point)

Body Accounting Link to heading

Ever been at an endless meeting at work or in an exhausting gathering with your in-laws? These (and many other) events can be very draining, but how draining exactly?

This small app shows you quickly some body-battery and stress data for a recently passed time period (5min - 24h) and by that allows you to check how tiring a specific time or activity was.

And if you have lost too much body-battery you can use the “Nap till rested” app to break-even.

On the other hand you can use the app to check how much body-battery you have gained while your spouse did massage you and then “repay” by doing something that would relax her/him.

Joomla Extensions Link to heading

Import/Export tool for K2 Link to heading

A component to import content into K2 from a CSV-file and export K2 data to a CSV file.

Dropbox Link to heading

Connect joomla to Dropbox

Publish files, view the pictures in a directory and let users upload files to dropbox.